Speaker Spotlight

Marco Fontana

OMERS Infrastructure

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today. Institutional investors in Canada and around the world are increasingly aligning their investments with transition to a lower-carbon future. Marco Fontana, Director, OMERS Infrastructure, comments on investment opportunities, role of investors to emerging trends in the energy transition.

Tina Varughese

Diversity And Inclusion Expert

A culture of diversity and inclusion brings positivity, profits and purpose to an organization. In achieving that, business leaders and industry professionals need to understand what is unconscious bias and how it impacts on their work. Tina Varughese, Diversity and Inclusion Expert, closing keynote speaker at Private Markets Virtual Forum, answers questions on unconscious bias:

Christine Campney and Lorelei Graye

Pension funds that invest in private markets are increasingly advocating cost transparency from GP community. Cost transparency brings benefits of cost savings, increased efficiency, and enhanced trust among LPs and GPs. The ADS (Adopting Data Standards) Initiative is focused on fostering a collaborative and conflict-free forum to build momentum in private capital for global data standards.

Farmland As A Diversifying And Sustainable Asset Class​

As the COVID-19 pandemic highlights, a robust and sustainable agri-food sector from “farm to fork,” is vital to our society’s long-term health and prosperity. Today, governments and industry stakeholders, are working toward a more stable, sustainable and resilient agri-food system for the future, which presents opportunities, including investments in farmland, agri-infrastructure (e.g., cold-storage facilities, local greenhouses), agri-food companies (e.g., alternative protein)and agri-tech companies.

Speaker spotlight

Institutional investors are increasingly embracing global strategies in their private market investments, to achieve desired return and diversify portfolios. How they choose to manage the resulting foreign exchange risk can be a key driver of performance. Institutional Connect had a conversation with Haakon Blakstad, Chief Commercial Officer at Validus Risk Management, about the “hidden” risk of FX exposure in private capital portfolios.