Speaker Spotlight

Jason Howard

Managing Director, Co-Head of Private Equity Diverse Managers
GCM Grosvenor

Jason Howard on DEI in Private Market Investing

Institutional investors are increasingly integrating diversity, equity and inclusion in their total portfolios, including private market asset classes. There are questions and misconceptions about investing with diverse managers and how to develop the approach to DEI. In advance of Private Markets Forum 2022, Jason Howard, Managing Director, Co-Head of Private Equity Diverse Managers, GCM Grosvenor, answers questions pertaining to DEI approach in private market investing.

Josée Mondoux 

Chief Investment Officer
Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA)
Josée Mondoux on advancements of women in the world of finance, private market investments and building a sustainable DEI culture

As the private market continues to transform and navigate successfully through the current inflationary environment and COVID-19, how have these events impacted the future of the private markets investing? How do private market investors need to position themselves in order to attain new opportunities, growth and ensure their portfolios meet fiduciary objectives?

Koblavi A. Fiagbedzi 

Portfolio Manager, Real Assets
CBC Pension Plan

Koblavi Fiagbedzi on real estate assets and sustainable DEI workplace

In the rising inflation environment, institutional investors increasingly allocate towards real assets such as real estate for portfolio diversification and yields. How are real estate sectors shifting and what should investors consider when approaching real estate portfolios?