Session Recordings

Day 2

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks and
Private Market Investing for Medium-Sized Pension Funds: Portfolio Construction and Access to Opportunities

  • Structuring a diversified private market portfolio
  • Sourcing and building relationships with investment managers
  • Governance models that optimizes investment objectives

Discussion Topic 1: Theme Investing in Private Markets

  • What are the key mega trends and how do they impact on private markets investing?
    Examples include: inflation and interest rates, carbon reduction, water consumption, digitization, demographics, etc.

Discussion Topic 2: Sustainable Investing in Private Assets

  • As institutional investors align investments with sustainability goals, how do each sector of private assets present opportunities?

Fireside Chat: Building Sustainable Investment and Organizational Models in Achieving Long-Term Objectives

Farmland as a Diversifying and Sustainable Asset Class

  • Considerations of investing in farmland
  • Farmland investment models
  • Outlook for farmland investment opportunities in Canada, the U.S. and globally

Climate and Energy Transition: Capitalizing on the Growing Sector

  • Renewable energy and investable opportunities
  • Risk and return profiles of investing in energy transition
  • Renewable opportunities around the globe