Session Recordings

Day 1

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
Private Market Assets in the Post-Pandemic Portfolio

  • Risk-adjusted returns: Do private market assets justify an illiquid premium?
  • Diversification: How correlated are private assets to public markets?
  • Portfolio construction in private market assets
  • The “hidden” risks: Foreign exchange exposure in private asset portfolios

Constructing Private Credit Portfolios

  • Diverse spectrum of private credit strategies;
  • Comparison of return expectations and risk profiles: senior debt, distressed, trade finance strategies, etc.;
  • How private credit sector has been impacted by COVID

Private Debt Investment Opportunities in North America and Europe

  • Review of investment opportunities;
  • Sourcing deals and conducting due diligence;
  • Structuring covenant protection for investors

Investing in Canadian Real Estate Markets

  • What do post-COVID real estate markets in Canada look like?
  • Sector outlook: Multi-Residential, Industrial, Office, Retail

Global Real Estate Outlook and Investment Strategies Post-Pandemic

  • Real estate trends accelerated by COVID
  • Investment models for a global real estate portfolio
  • Climate change, technology, and future of real estate investing

Private Markets Reporting and Cost Transparency

  • Benefits for LPs and GPs to adopt global data standards
  • Challenges facing industry constituents in implementation process
  • LP and GP collaboration – what needs to be done